American Beer vs Canadian Beer

Which Nation Has The Better Beer?

Canada and the US have always tried to compete with one another in everything. That’s why it is no wonder they are also each trying to prove they have better beers than the other. Since we can’t just take their word for it, let’s compare the two and see where the truth lays.

Both countries brew many different beers which are in many ways similar but each also has something unique about them. It is hard to compare Canadian and American beers in general without comparing specific brands of labels. However, there is one thing that speaks in favor of Americans – they have longer history with brewers and they produce a higher number of beers. Americans also have way more American owned brewers, when Canadians do produce many types of beers, unfortunately mostly for foreign-owned labels.

For a long time it was thought that in general, Canadian beer is stronger, but even if it once may have been true, today the selection is huge in both countries, no matter what kind of beer you prefer. Also, the quality of the beer doesn’t really depend on how strong it is. It’s how it is made, the recipe that is used and the ingredients. And truth be told, supermarket beers in both countries really are the same.

It is safe to say that it doesn’t matter if it’s Canadian or American; cheap beers produced by large companies do taste similar and are of similar quality. Nothing about them is truly surprising and there is nothing about them that would make Canadian beer better than American on vice versa.

The real truth lays in craft beer, where all the brewers have their special recipes with top secret (or not so secret) ingredients and technology. Here we again believe that Americans have an advantage simply because there are more brewers and that results in a larger variety of this beverage available.

To determine once and for all, which is the best country for producing beer, there have been more than one beer tasting. All of them have given different results, probably because the level is quite equal and people all have different tastes.

There is only one way to truly know which beer is better, you just have to taste it. So visit a local supermarket, buy a six pack of some known American beer and another six pack of similar Canadian beer and try it out. But what to do if you like them both?

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